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Do not expect your first DJ gig spinning records to be on a Saturday or Friday night, either. Chances are that you will be given a job during the week. You will have to work your way up towards the higher paying gigs as you continue to wow the crowd and gain an audience. Club owners are interested in making a profit in their club. The more people you bring in, the more they drink. The more the people drink, the more money the club makes. That means that if you have a following, you will be promoted. This is how it works when you are working as a DJ in a club.

Always be professional. Always test your equipment before you even get started. Make sure that you study the club before you even start so that you know what type of music that they play and what the people like. Remember that scene from “The Blues Brothers?” Where the blues band walked into a Country and Western bar to play the blues? It was funny in that film, but will not be funny if you do this in a real club. Make sure that you know what they like and give the people what they like.

This does not mean that you have to be a carbon copy of every other DJ in that club. You gradually want to start to bring your own mix and your own personality to the club. For your first gig, you may even want to play one of your own mixes. See how the crowd reacts.

Being a DJ in a club or even as a wedding DJ means practice. Do not expect to set the world on fire the first night you perform. Your goal should to be to build up a gradual group of followers who come to the club and who like what you spin. Sooner or later, you will be asked to get those Saturday night gigs.